The Self-Healing Body Project

by Jess Poitra
Austin, TX, United States (US)

Empowering those with Autoimmune Conditions to Heal Naturally

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Jess Poitra

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Jess Poitra
Austin, TX, United States (US)
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Hi!  I’m Jess Poitra, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Autoimmune Coach. With this campaign I am offering pre-sale of my new course The Self-Healing Body Project.

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I have developed a nutrition and lifestyle coaching program specifically for those with autoimmune or suspected autoimmune disease.  In addition to providing nutritional therapy and lifestyle modifications, this program is specifically designed to teach clients how to tune into and listen to the body’s cues through an “embodiment protocol”; i.e., how to recognize when the body has engaged its natural healing mechanisms as well as what it feels like when the body is reacting to negative inputs.

I myself have suffered from crippling rheumatoid arthritis and have been able to liberate myself from all medical and pharmaceutical interventions, as well as from pain and flare-ups using this program.  My dream is to share and guide this healing protocol with as many people as possible.

The program will be available in a 3 month one-on-one coaching format, and also as a 3-month online video course with bi-weekly recorded conference calls.



The Problem

Autoimmunity is a health condition where the immune system, which normally protects the body from foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens, begins to attack the body’s own tissues. Autoimmunity may manifest as any number of conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis wherein the immune system targets the lining of nerve cells, Rheumatoid Arthritis, which affects joints and connective tissue, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which affects the thyroid gland. There are over 100 known autoimmune diseases, and over 40 conditions that are suspected of having autoimmune origins, including schizophrenia and fibromyalgia. Autoimmune conditions currently affect more than 50 million people, and that number is on the rise in epidemic proportions.

There are several problems confronting those who suffer from autoimmunity, specifically concerning the interface of these patients with conventional medical treatment (also referred to as “Western Medicine” or allopathic medicine):


Diagnosis of autoimmune conditions is particularly difficult in the western system. The first issue is that autoimmunity initially presents with very general symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, generalized body pain, and trouble concentrating. Because of this, autoimmune sufferers spend an average of 4 years seeking diagnosis, and are often misdiagnosed. More than 40% will be told at some point in their quest for diagnosis and treatment that they are complainers, hypochondriacs, or that their symptoms are simply “all in their head.”

Furthermore, autoimmune conditions are not limited to one body system; they may affect any of the body’s systems, and often overlap various systems. Because allopathic medical doctors specialize by body system, there is currently no medical specialty that specifically addresses autoimmunity, despite its overwhelming presence.

Western medicine also tends to focus on fixing what is already broken– often diagnostic methods will not reveal an autoimmune condition until the progression of the disease is well under way. For example, Grave’s disease which is an autoimmune condition affecting the adrenal glands, cannot be given the appropriate diagnostic code for treatment until the adrenal glands have lost fully 90% of their function.


Conventional treatment for autoimmune conditions focuses almost solely on pharmaceutical therapy. The pharmaceuticals available for autoimmune conditions focus on suppressing the immune system, or chemically anti-inflaming the tissues with NSAIDs. These treatments can and do alleviate many of the symptoms of autoimmunity, and they are capable of slowing the progression of the disease, but they do not address the root cause of autoimmunity. Furthermore, suppression of the immune system makes patients much more vulnerable to infections of all kinds, as well as certain kinds of cancer. Inflammation also plays an important function in the body when it is not dis-regulated, so the suppression of inflammatory pathways can also have dangerous side effects.

Personal Empowerment

When one finally does receive a diagnosis of autoimmunity, typically this comes with the very disempowering message that the condition is genetic, pre-ordained, and that there is nothing that can be done besides giving oneself over to pharmaceutical therapy– often for a lifetime. We become a victim of circumstance, dependent on doctors and drugs for the foreseeable remainder of our lives. This is farther from the truth than you can imagine!

The Solution

Autoimmunity develops from a complex interaction of circumstances. Yes, there is a genetic component of susceptibility, but your genes are not necessarily your destiny, as we shall see. Whether or not you develop autoimmunity, and the continued progression of the disease once you do, are also dependent on two other factors: (1) environmental triggers, and (2) diet and lifestyle.

What Western medicine often ignores in its treatment of autoimmune conditions, is that yes– the body has learned to attack itself… but the immune system must be stimulated to attack in the first place. This is where diet and lifestyle modifications come into play. You may not be able to control which specific genes you have inherited, but you can control diet and lifestyle factors that are known to stimulate the immune system.

In fact, it’s possible to achieve complete remission this way. I would know… because I’ve done it myself.

The fundamental principles of the program are as follows

• The body has an innate capacity to heal itself.

• The body’s innate intelligence can be “tapped into” and understood.

• Everyone is a “bio-individual”, making them the best and most informed person to guide their own healing process.


Gain the energy and motivation to focus on something other than illness and ability to start living and enjoying life again.

Support my efforts by pledging, or by becoming a client yourself. Campaign funds will be used for production of the video course and course materials, website build-out, and getting the word out!



Both programs require a commitment of 12 weeks.

 1. Each week there will be video content for you to watch, as well as handout material and checklists.  

 2. There will also be a “project” for you to complete, so that you fully integrate the information into your daily life.  These projects are simple and are designed to empower you to    take back your health and healing.  

 3. Throughout the 12 weeks we will also have 10 scheduled conference calls to discuss challenges, successes and your specific questions.

Successful transformation requires preparation and a solid foundation.  Our first two weeks focus on preparing the ground for building the structure of a healthy lifestyle, and creating space to make the changes required for deep healing and recovery.  Autoimmunity takes quite a long time to develop into a full-blown condition, and it is imperative that we make sure we are meticulous in setting the stage for a real and lasting turn-around.  This is foundational step of the process and often overlooked and underemphasized.

Week 1

Preparation and laying the foundation for amazing transformation.

The most important step!

Together, we will carefully explore all the steps of mentally preparing yourself for diet and lifestyle changes such that you will achieve the success you desire from this program.

Learn how to fully prepare and optimize  your home environment for 3 months of healing.  

Discover easy, concrete steps to prepare and educate your family on the importance of the changes you’ll be making. This will be such that your family can support  you during your healing transformation.  

You will receive specific strategies and tips for choosing and building a support network among friends and coworkers.

Your materials packet for this section will also include letters for your current healthcare team.  This information will give them important information about your program, as well as my contact information.  

Your program includes an optional consultation between myself and each member of your healthcare team.  This is so that I can answer any questions they may have about this  program.  

My door is always open to communication with your team so that we can be as seamless and effective as possible in supporting your journey back to health and vibrancy.

Week 2

Your kitchen and your pantry!

This week includes information on how to clean out your pantry of harmful foods and restock it with healing foods to ensure your success.

I will teach you the importance of sourcing food and specific tips and tricks to save you time and money when buying high quality nutritionally dense foods.

We will discuss the foundational term “nutrient-density” and you will learn exactly what that means and how you can use it to your advantage.

We will discuss benefits and logistics of batch cooking.  I will also provide you resources for recipes, meal plans, and meal delivery options.

Week 3

Optimize your nutritional intake.

Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates- How to easily create the optimal macronutrient balance for yourself increasing health and vitality without sacrificing flavor nor feeling hungry.

Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).   We will discuss how, with autoimmune conditions, micronutrients are of paramount importance.

I will teach you which vitamins and minerals are almost always deficient in autoimmunity.  In addition how you can incorporate more of them into your specific diet using real foods (avoiding costly supplements) when possible.  

We will also discuss pros and cons of supplementation, and tips and tricks when sourcing dietary supplements such that you get the biggest “bang for your buck”.

Weeks 4 & 5

Spotlight on digestion.

Digestion; what it looks like when it’s working properly, and where it typically goes wrong in cases of autoimmunity.  

Learn about “leaky gut,” which is a condition found to be present in all autoimmune conditions.  

Learn how to effectively use foods that work to correct problem of “leaky gut” and ultimately how to optimize your digestive system by eating delicious healing foods.

Week 6

Stress and your metabolism.

Discover how chronic stress affects your blood sugar, and the impact stress has on your adrenal glands.  

Learn how the body has two metabolic pathways: sugar-burning and fat-burning.

You will explore and experience self empowering techniques to learn how to determine whether your metabolism is in a sugar-burning pathway or a fat-burning pathway.  

Learn little known strategies and techniques to guide your body into the metobolic pathway  that works best for you and your specific condition.

You will discover how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work and why this is important to understand these systems in order to achieve vibrant health.

Discover easy stress management techniques.

Explore embodiment and interception.  Learn how these cutting edge concepts  and techniques can empower you and your quest for optimal health.

Week 7

Easy lifestyle modifications beyond nutrition.  

Learn the little known connection between sleep and the healing process.

Discover how to optimize sleep through simple “sleep hygiene” practices.

Learn quick and easy stress management techniques.

Week 8

Movement and exercise.  

Explore how to determine what kind of movement program is optimal for you as an individual.  

Learn about the surprising facts regarding movement programs that can be counterproductive to your healing process.

Week 9

Meet your subconscious!    

Learn the role of emotions, trauma,  and held tension in the the body as it relates to chronic health conditions.  

Explore the relevant research relating to mental and emotional patterns that can keep us from healing and achieving optimal health.  

Learn and practice specific techniques for identifying these counterproductive emotional patterns.

Discover how you can empower yourself by learning exactly how to release negative emotional patterns.

Begin your embodiment journey.  Learn specific embodiment techniques that you will use for the rest of your life. Find out how to listen to what your body is saying.

Week 10

Find your problem foods.  Reintroduction and testing foods Part I.

Learn how to safely move through the food reintroduction process.   Discover how to reintroduce  and test foods that you eliminated throughout the initial portion of this program.

Find out which foods aggravate your autoimmunity.  Discover which foods you enjoy as part of your every day diet and learn about the foods that are somewhere the middle.

Week 11

Reintroduction and testing foods Part II.

Learn troubleshooting and tweaking strategies in real time by using all the techniques you have learned thus far in this program.

Week 12

Reintroduction and testing foods Part III.  Pulling it all together!

Discover and understand how to create a road-map for continuing your healing journey beyond this program such that you take control of your healing and optimization of  your health.


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The Self Healing Body Project - An Online Course by Jess Poitra
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    Help me promote my special sauce! Those of you who are familiar with me know that I suffered for many years with severe rheumatoid arthritis, and after a frustrating and expensive two years of aggressive pharmaceutical therapy, I discovered I could heal myself, and achieve remission using nutrition alone. I have been in remission for over 6 years now. Within the last two and half years, and mostly due to the work my husband, Zach Poitra, and I do together, I have realized that healing can actually go much deeper than what nutrition alone can do. The world needs this! And specifically, the world needs this FROM ME. My request of you all is to help me spread the word! Please support us in one of the following ways: (1) make a donation of any amount (2) buy the first module of the course for only $9! (3) purchase a t-shirt or a hoodie with our badass logo! (4) purchase the course at the special CareerFunded prices AND, please share this with as many people as possible, send us a shout out through your social media channels, and especially reach out to those you know who are suffering from autoimmune conditions. With enthusiasm and gratitude, Jess Poitra.

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