Gov Bid Pro

by Mike Menahem
Washington DC, United States (US)

GovBidPro will qualify and deliver 30 bids to the Federal Government for your product or service business for $79. Discover everything you need to know about government bids and fulfillment with our eBook available here for $1.

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Mike Menahem

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Mike Menahem
Washington DC, United States (US)
8 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns

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Sell your Goods and Services to the Government!

I’m Mike Menahem, MBA, Founder of

Over 12 years experience in government contracting and consulting small businesses of all kinds to market and sell to the Government. I took over a company that was in a very small office with zero sales to over 1.5 million dollars in sales just in Federal Government hardware 4 years in a row. I also grew the staff from only 3 to 8, admin staff and sales people. My MBA is from CW Post and Undergrad from UCF.

I love hockey and football as well as other sports, traveling and visit Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas

Every Business should have a business to government (B2G) strategy.

Our exclusive CareerFunded offer includes:

• Step-by–step coaching in government contracting, sourcing and procurement.

• Professional consultants with knowledge and experience of the RFP process.

• A subscription service with introductory pricing

• Consultation

• Professional research, support, and customer service

• Vendor and supplier on-boarding for your business.

• “Its like having your own in-house business-to-government sales team!”

• We provide you the hands-on support as you quote, negotiate, deliver and service the Government client…

Does your business qualify?

The US Government will spend over $600 Billion dollars this year just on Defense.

• Government “sets aside” budgets for woman-owned, veteran-owned, and small business of different sizes. So, your small business can compete in this marketplace.

• The US Government is the LARGEST consumer in the world.

• The Government consumes many products and services including the products and services provided by your company.

• Every business should have a Business to Government or B2G strategy. is there to make it happen!

• Ever have a client or customer not pay or go out of business? The Government always pay, can absorb on enormous of amount of debt and will not go out of business.

Trusted, experienced advisers to Government Agencies

Govbidpro consults and advises Government Purchasing Managers.

With over 20 years of Business Development, Sales and Vendor relations involvement and rich experience in both Federal and State, Local and Education bidding and contracting, consultants are also available to public sector clients for advise and counsel.

• is involved with all areas of the procurement process including:

• Assessment of current inventory and situation

• Preparation of Requirement

• Marketing and advertising the Requirement

• Research and vetting vendors

• Sale of surplus property

• Logistics and transportation of hardware

• Financial services for public sector clients

For only $79…

GovBidPro will qualify and deliver 30 bids to the Federal Government for your product or service business.

What’s to lose?!

Grow your business in 2018 with sales to the American Government!



"Business to Government eBook: Everything You Need to Know"

Mar, 2017

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Gov Bid Pro T-Shirt!

Feb, 2018

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Consultation, Qualification, and Delivery of 30 Government Bid Submissions. (3 months)
Price after campaign: $1299

Dec, 2017

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