Hit Your Crowdfunding Goal Fast

KEY TAKEAWAY: Email your personal network before the campaign begins to secure support and set your funding goal.


Personal Network Referrals

There is a formula to success with all crowdfunding campaigns.

For CareerFunded campaigns it’s critical to hit your crowdfunding goal as soon as possible.

When you hit your goal in the first day or two, you get to celebrate for the rest of the campaign.

Your audience is more likely to fund a successful campaign, than they are a struggling one.

It will feel much more satisfying from your perspective as well.


So, how do you set your CareerFunded goal?


Honestly, it’s a bit of an art.

Start with the amount of money you know you can raise from your personal network.

Your personal network might include friends, family, colleagues, or existing clients.

You will communicate to this network before the campaign to build anticipation, validate your service offerings, and secure early support.

Through this communication you should calculate an amount you are confident will be sold… and set the $ goal right there.

In other words, if you want $20,000, but you only know for certain you can raise $4,000; set the goal at $4,000.


Then, you’ll hit your goal on the first day.


Hitting your goal early provides social-proof for the audience who is still considering whether or not to support your campaign.

This will give you the best opportunity to raise the most money in your campaign.

Below is a recommended email sequence for your personal network to use before you launch.

If you can, use a CRM (Customer relationship management) to send personalized bulk emails from your email service provider.

TOOL: Both HubSpot and Streak make a really nice / free CRM.


Crowdfunding Pre-launch Email Sequence


Pre-launch: Make a list of friends, family, colleagues, or existing clients that you plan on emailing your campaign to. The larger the list, the better. You’ll send out at least four emails before you launch the campaign.

 • Four weeks before launch: Send your first email. In the email, let them know your campaign is coming. Give them an idea of the offer you’re considering and ask their opinion. Asking the opinion of your personal network gives them a feeling of ownership and increases their engagement in the campaign.

 • Three weeks before launch: Send the second email. Let them know how their feedback influenced the offer you’re presenting in the campaign. Ask them to contribute in some way. Either as a supporter or to buy one of the promotional items. This is also a good opportunity to let them know you will count on them to share the campaign. Ask if they have any PR resources you could use to promote it. They may have a blog, podcast or newsletter that they can include you in.

 • Two weeks before launch: Follow up with any loose ends from the prior emails. Call direct when necessary.

 • One week before launch: Send the third email. Let them know you’ll email them the moment the campaign goes live. This is a good time to remind them of the importance of backing the campaign early, both to get the best deal on the rewards, but also stressing your need to hit the goal early.

 • 24 hours until launch: Send the fourth email. It’s a countdown – build the excitement!

 • Launch: As soon as you go live, email your list again to let them know. Ask them to  back the campaign and share it on social media or other platforms they have

If your calculations were correct you should hit your crowdfunding goal in the first few days (if not hours).

Now that your campaign is live, plan on emailing your list once a week.

If you can, use the CRM to track your click-through and open rates.

This will give you a temperature of interest form your personal network.

If some people are opening the email and clicking through several times, but are not backing, you might need to clarify with them what the campaign is.

Either email them directly, or just give them a call.


Your campaign, now fully funded, is a beacon of legitimacy.

Your personal network’s support has created an air of success that will encourage additional support from cold audiences.

A funded campaign is essentially a coming out party for your business – congratulations!

Make sure you have benchmark goals in place to give your supporters reason to improve their support or share to their network.


Everyone loves a winner.


With a solid goal (you know you’ll hit) and a strong pre-launch email campaign to your personal network you’ve set the stage for a strong campaign.

Welcome to your new career!