Building Your CareerFunded Project

This post will inform the way you create the body of your campaign post. To view Your CareerFunded Plan click here. Beginning with 1. Introduction, consider each new heading a new section on your campaign page. Understanding the psychology of your prospects will go a long way in shaping a compelling and persuasive campaign. Reference 19 Psychological Tactics for Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for a deep dive into the desires and fears of your audience.

Naming the Campaign

  • Consider using the name of your campaign to distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Language like, “The first ever… The only business to…” etc.


1. Introduction

  • Who are you?
  • What’s your experience, expertise, unique selling proposition, and differentiation?
    • Describe your education and past successes.
    • Describe your hobbies and interests.
    • Whats the problem?
      • Detail the specific problem your prospect is experiencing.

What’s the solution?

  • Present your solution clearly with actionable next steps.

How exactly will you spend the money?

  • What does the money mean for you?
  • How will it transform your life?
    • Include an itemized breakdown of how the money will be spent.

2. Your Productized Service Offering Descriptions

  • Include at least 3 different price levels.
  • Also include an option for $1 – $10 for a emailable whitepaper or value add.
  • Use images and charts.

3. Your Promotional Products Descriptions

  • Use images and charts.

4. Social Proof

  • Add testimonials from happy customers.
  • Use images or video where appropriate.

5. Benefits

  • How will your backers feel after contracting your service?

6. Features

  • What will you do?
  • Detailed description of the service.
  • Where it will be performed, and when it will be completed.

7. On-boarding

  • What are the next steps when people back the campaign?

8. Stretch Goals

  • What are the incentives for people to share your campaign?

9. Risks and Challenges

  • Are there any?

10. Team

  • Who’s doing what?
    • Talk about people from the past, present, and present that have helped your career.
  • Describe how your audience’s support will guide future growth / hiring.

11. Close the sale

  • Ask confidently for the audience to support and share your campaign.

12. FAQs

  • Plan on updating these frequently as questions arise in the campaign.

13. Link to presskit